Last December, 16 year-old Jasmine Thar was visiting family in North Carolina when a single bullet struck her, as well as her aunt and cousin. While the other two women survived, Jasmine died from her injuries.

The shooter, James Anthony Blackwell, lived across the street. He claimed his 700 model Remington rifle went off by accident. The local police believed him, and Blackwell was released without any charges being filed against him.

Thar’s family is outraged that Blackwell has not been charged. They point to the implausibility of a single bullet, fired by accident, going through a window and hitting three different people; as well as the fact that Blackwell, a white man, had confederate flags and Nazi readings and memorabilia in his bedroom, as proof that there might have been a far more sinister motive behind the shooting.

According to Forbes Magazine, the FBI is now looking into the case.

From Forbes Magazine:

“Even an accidental death is liable for prosecution. The lack of charges against Blackwell more than five months after the shooting is disturbing. It seems incredulous that the local authorities did not, at least, file manslaughter,  negligent homicide or some other lesser charge immediately after the shooting.”

The Thar family is demanding justice for Jasmine. At the very least, they believe that a thorough investigation into the shooting needs to take place immediately.


“Jasmine Thar’s family and civil rights activist John Barnett met Wednesday morning at her former school to announce a trip back to Chadbourn, N.C., where Jasmine was killed.

The man who shot her said it was an accident, and the district attorney there said he needs more time to review evidence.

‘It’s been almost five months, nearly six (or) seven holidays passed (and) no one arrested, no testing. And so the family needs closure. We won’t sit idle and do nothing about this. We are going full force,’ Barnett said.”


Click here to sign this petition demanding a “lawful, thorough, and unprejudiced investigation” into the death of Jasmine Thar.


Why hasn’t James Anthony Blackwell been charged in relation to this shooting?

Did race play a factor in the handling of the Jasmine Thar case?

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