A 19-year-old South African lesbian was fatally stabbed several days ago.

Sihle Skotshi is the latest victim in a wave of anti-gay violence that has plagued South Africa:

The attack occurred on the 9 November at Cosovo an informal settlement in Phillipi, a township of Cape Town.

According to an eye witness interviewed by Funda, Skotshi along with two of her women friends left a tavern where they were drinking to pick up more money at home of one of the girls.

Upon arriving five or more men confronted and started cursing them saying: ‘Ayo ndawo yenu le, yindawo yamaVura’ (this is not your place, it is amavura’s place) (Amavura is the gang that is known and feared in the area).

The men attacked them, and pulled out a mini spear stabbing Skotshi in the chest.

Read more at Gay Star News.

This is another unfortunate reminder of the ways that black LBGTQ youth are frequently in danger in their communities.

Understanding and ensuring their safety is a human rights issue that needs to be more adequately addressed.


What other ways can we bring greater awareness to the violence LGBTQ youth experience?

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