I recently wrote a list of 10 wonderful podcasts that are mostly hosted by black people and speak about a number of topics from a black perspective. After it went live, I was put on to plenty more worth checking out, so expect another post in the near future. One of the additions to that next list will likely be a podcast called “2 Dope Queens.”

“For our show, people get to be the stars of their own stories and they get to be the stars of their own stand up,” Jessica Williams, one of the hosts of the podcast, said. “So it’s really cool to give our friends and a lot of people of color and different orientations an opportunity to speak for themselves and be sort of the main character as opposed to like the side character or supporting character.”

“2 Dope Queens” is a new podcast that will be running through mid-June and hosted by comedians Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson. According to Huffington Post, the podcast will combine stand-up comedy and social commentary as the two hosts speak about everything from racist cab drivers to life in New York. But it will also double as an opportunity to add more voices from often underrepresented voices in the comedy and entertainment world.

“In comedy or entertainment there’s always ‘well where are the black women, where are the funny gay people’ and it’s like you’re not looking,” Robinson said. “Like we’re everywhere, you’re choosing not to see us and I think with this platform, you’re gonna see very distinct and diverse voices that like people aren’t paying attention to for no other reason than that they’re lazy. Hopefully, it will motivate them to be like, ‘oh yea, maybe I should look outside of like my narrow viewpoint of the world and put other people in shows.’”

New episodes of “2 Dope Queens” will come out every Tuesday through WNYC.

Photo Courtesy: Instagram