Rep. Hank Johnson: Clarence Thomas is Worse Than NSA Leaker Eric Snowden for Gutting VRA

Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA) slammed Clarence Thomas in a recent interview, admonishing him for voting to essentially gut the Voting Rights Act.

According to Johnson, Thomas’ horrific vote ranks below the actions of Eric Snowden, the NSA contractor wanted by the government for leaking classified information about U.S. surveillance programs.

DOMA Unconstitutional, Religion, and the Right to Be Equal

This week the Supreme Court ruled the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional. To be clear: Do I think this decision will help black youth directly? No. Am I happy as hell that  blatant and intentional bigotry rooted in homophobia, sexism, and religious radicalism is finally legally recognized as wrong in my country? Hell Yes. This is not just a win for the LGBTQ community. This is a win for the activist, the artist, the oppressed, the reformers and the revolutionaries. This is a win for all those who have fought to build coalition and community, those who have died to make sure that those who are born tomorrow, have a better chance to reach their full potential than those struggling today. This win is for the queers of color who were kicked out of their homes because they decided to have the courage not to reject or hide their identity. This is a win for those who are are anti-racist, black  feminist, movement builders and rebels. This win is for all those who fight, shed blood, and cry sweat to make sure that the status quo is shifted into a more equal, more progressive, more safe place for those who have been disadvantaged, under privileged, dehumanized, and shoved into the margins. This is a win for my 81 year old grandmother, who accepted all of me, with the only demand of “no one messing with her grandson for being gay.” This is a win for me and the moment I decided to be exactly who I am.

Principal Fires Three Black Teachers; Uses Racist, Abusive Language Towards Them

A petition has been launched demanding the ousting of NYC Principal Minerva Zanca, who is accused of firing a group of black teachers, and calling them “big lipped,” “nappy haired,” and “gorillas.”

A harassment claim filed against Zanca alleges targeting of the three teachers throughout the 2012-2013 school year.

The petition was launched by Kevin Powell’s BK Nation: