The documentary “Dark Girls” was a widely-anticipated, controversial television event for Oprah’s OWN Network.

Many thought the documentary focused too much on pain, and too little on the triumph and strength of dark-skinned black women.

But as Clutch Magazine points out, others wondered if the experiences of light-skinned black women deserved a documentary as well.

From Clutch:

Though some believe that women with lighter complexions delight in privilege and adulation because of their skin tone, they too have felt pain. Many light-skinned women and men grapple with the sting of having to constantly prove their blackness and the wrath of people who assume because they have less melanin, they think they’re superior. The question on some viewers minds was: could a light-skinned girl’s story ever be told?

Most people would answer negatively. There could be outrage and backlash stemming from the belief that the light-skinned struggle pales in comparison to that of dark-skinned people. But why does there need to be a comparison in the first place? Shouldn’t all our voices, experiences and struggles be heard?

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Is there a place for a “Light Girls” documentary?

What are your thoughts in general on colorism within the black community?

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