The summer’s almost over and more kids are heading back to their classrooms as the days roll on. To make sure they get things off to a good start, a group of more than 70 men from various community organizations. 

ABC News reports that 370 boys from BEST Academy of Atlanta were met with applause, high fives, thumbs up and the occasional pat on the head from members of 100 Black Men of Atlanta, Emerging 100 of Atlanta, The Collegiate 100 and the 100 Black Men of America.

“At the end of the day, all of our volunteers walked away with just as much as experience as the student,” Ray Singer, the program director for 100 Black Men of Atlanta, told ABC News. “It gives them an opportunity to have some real dialogue with students about careers … and they walk away feeling uplifted.”

Some of the students told ABC News how much the presence of the men meant to them, especially on the first day of school.

One student in particular student mentioned how much it meant when someone pulled him to the side to offer some extra motivation.

“You look like you’re going somewhere. You’ll be famous soon,” is what Hariss, 17, was told.

“That was kind of special because not too many people think that of me,” said the student, who plans to study mechanical engineering at Georgia State University when he graduates. “It was a boost in morale.”

While this isn’t the first time this kind of event has happened, it’s hopefully going to inspire more similar acts across the country in the coming weeks.