Search Continues For Steve Stephens, Suspect in Cleveland Homicide

Police are still searching for a man suspected of shooting a 74-year-old man in Cleveland and uploading a video of it to Facebook. The suspect has been identified as Steve Stephens, who had also broadcast on Facebook Live earlier that day claiming that he’d also killed more than a dozen people, according to NPR.

“There are no more victims that we know are tied to him,” Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams said during a news conference.

New York Women’s Prison Reclaimed By Former Inhabitants

Bayview Correctional Facility was once a very dangerous women’s prison in New York. Records show that it once had the highest number of staff sexual assaults in the country.

Now that it’s been closed, the building is going to be used as a safe haven for women’s a girl’s rights organizers, some of which were once inhabitants of the prison.

LeBron James To Open STEM School For Akron Youth

LeBron James really does love the kids. It feels like every other week there’s a new story coming out where he’s finding a new way to give them support. But his latest venture may be the biggest one yet.

The Associated Press reports that James is opening a STEM-focused school to help at-risk youth in his native Akron, Ohio. The Cleveland Cavaliers’ star is working with Akron Public Schools to make the idea a reality and hopefully open to students in the 2018 school-year.