Dave Chappelle Speaks On Police Violence At Ohio Town Hall Meeting

If you thought that Dave Chappelle was living it up in a deluxe penthouse in New York City you wouldn’t be further from the truth. The comedy star and his family actually live a mostly quiet life on a farm in a town called Yellow Springs, Ohio.

However, despite living in a village of less than 4,000 people, Chappelle still can’t escape police violence and chose to speak out on it at a recent town hall meeting.

Meet Chicago’s First Transgender Filipina Bakery Owner

Jenne Vailoces inherited her love of baking from her mother while being raised in the Philippines. When she came to Chicago, she used that passion to offer her talents to the public after opening Jennivee’s Bakery.

Outside of its convenient location near Chicago’s Boystown and Wrigleyville neighborhoods and her signature purple velvet cake, Jennivee’s Bakery is special for one very important reason: it’s the first bakery in Chicago to be owned by a transgender Filipina woman.

Barack Obama Is Just As Bothered By Trump’s Wiretapping Claims As Everyone Else

Over the weekend, President Trump made the bold and still unsubstantiated claim that President Barack Obama wiretapped Trump Tower before the election. Without any proof to back this up – outside of some early morning tweets, many called Trump out for unnecessarily stirring the pot and were noticeably bothered.

According to those close to him, Obama is just as bothered by Trump’s claims as anyone else, if not more. CNN even used the word “furious” when former aides spoke on how Obama was feeling.

North Carolina Grand Jury Won’t Charge Officer Who Slammed Teenage Girl

In January, Officer Ruben De Los Santos was still on paid administrative leave despite the release of a video that showed him slamming a 15-year-old girl to the ground after a fight broke out before school one day.

While De Los Santos resigned earlier this month, a North Carolina Grand Jury declined to press charges against him for his actions that day. The case is considered closed for without further action, according to WTVD.

Black 16-Year-Old Builds Nuclear Fusor To Help Reduce Greenhouse Emissions

For the common citizen, the word “nuclear” carries a lot of weight, most of it negative. However, when placed in the right hands, many believe that nuclear power can play a major role in establishing a bright, more eco-friendly future. A 16-year-old from New Jersey may be one of those trusted few to make it happen.

Steven Udotong has dreams you wouldn’t expect from your average teenager. While some of us spent out twilight years focused on tryouts and prom dates, Udotong is looking to build his own nuclear fusor. 

‘A Day Without A Woman’ Leads To Prince George’s County School Closures

Today is International Women’s Day and thousands of women across the globe are expressing their rights to protest and stand in solidarity with each other in a variety of ways. One of the most publicized methods is “A Day Without A Woman,” a movement where women are calling off of work and only supporting women-owned businesses to remind the world just how large of a presence they have.

The effects of the protest are being felt everywhere, including businesses and media outlets. The impact is actually so significant that some schools have been forced to close as not enough employees would have been present for a regular school day to be held.