She’s baaaaaaaaaack.

This past week, the hype machine went into overdrive with news of the coming storm that is Beyonce’s next album. Said to be released in June, this is a crucial moment in Bey’s career; she’s got some fierce competition for the Pop throne she once ruled with impunity.

But judging by the brief snippet of her new single, titled “Girls (That Rule The World),” and images of her ridiculously fierce get-up for the song’s highly anticipated music video, I’m thinking she’ll be alright.

Though we’ve only heard a very brief snippet of the track, “Girls (That Rule The World)” seems to be the kind of relentless, female-empowering club banger that has been homegirl’s trademark since her “Bills, Bills, Bills” days with Destiny’s Child. In the few interviews she’s done recently, Bey has made her intentions for her fourth album quite clear. According to MTV,

The tease certainly fit Bey’s previous description of the album’s vibe. ‘Well, I wouldn’t say I’m inventing a new genre,’ Beyoncé explained. ‘I’m mixing every type of genre that I love, and I’m inspired by every type of genre. … I’m not in a box. It’s not R&B. It’s not typically pop. It’s not rock. It’s just everything I love all mixed together in my own little gumbo of music.’”

This is great to hear. Because if Beyonce wants to continue to reign supreme in the dog-eat-dog world of Pop music, she’s going to have to take some risks. Nicki Minaj has cornered the Hip-Pop market, Lady Gaga is consistently raising the bar in terms of the visual component of Pop music, and Rihanna seems to be Pop’s reigning beauty queen for the moment. Beyonce has always led the pack, sparked trends, and inspired copycats. So it’ll be interesting to see how she adapts to a cultural landscape that is currently jam-packed with unique, outrageous, and extremely successful female pop stars.

If Beyonce wants to share the mountaintop, she’ll come out with a set of tracks that merely keep up with the times. But if her aim is unequivocal world domination (which I’m sure it is), Bey needs to do something edgy, unique, and in-your-face to seize the world’s attention.

Are you excited about new music from Beyonce? Check out a clip of her new track “Girls (Who Rule The World), and sound off below!