Join The Black Youth Project Founder Cathy J. Cohen, BYP 100 National Coordinator Charlene Carruthers and members of The Black Youth Project and BYP 100 on Monday January 20th for an hour long Twitter Chat dedicated to the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. 

Participants will share their thoughts and beliefs about how to best live out the legacy of the iconic civil rights leader on a personal, political and for those of us who subscribe to finding meaning in the non secular: a spiritual level.

It is important for us as young Black people to engage in the legacy of MLK in a way that is both celebratory and lovingly critical. Too many times we witness either a romanticized version of King as the savior of the Black race or an outright dismissal of him for being too much of a reformist; only fighting for integration and assimilation. 

The thought and practice of MLK is far more complex and deserves conversation that reflects that. Our hope is that this Twitter town hall will be the space where such critical conversation of MLK can happen.

We will also talk about King’s legacy as it relates to rebuilding a Black Freedom Movement. Questions posed will be:

1. What is the role of charismatic (particularly male) leadership?

2. How do we ensure that the radical aspects of MLK’s political beliefs and practices are remembered such as his anti war, pro wealth distribution stance and his non violent direct action practice?

3. How do we center a self, collective and public love ethic that MLK spoke to in our own work?

4. What were some of the failures of MLK’s politics when it came to Black women, queer, non hetero-normative and differently abled peoples?

The online Twitter discussion will take place from 1-2pm EASTERN STANDARD TIME. It will be moderated by the BYP @blackyouthproj and BYP100 @byp100 Twitter handles. The hashtag will be #BYPMLK