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Georgetown University, Jesuits Apologize For Supporting Slavery

Another university has owned up to its past involvement in the slave trade and is hoping to make amends. Georgetown University, the oldest Catholic university in the United States, held a service on Tuesday to admit to its involvement in slavery, the hypocrisy of doing so as a religious institution and apologized, according to CNN.

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Report Links Chicago Charter Schools To CPS Financial Struggles

Charter schools have long been the subject of debate. Many critics feel that they’re being used as a privatized way to make public schools obsolete. While these schools receive funding from the same financial pool as public schools, they’re usually privately owned and operated. They also aren’t restricted to the same regulations as public schools. Recently, a report from a professor at Roosevelt University in Chicago has made some noteworthy connections between the city’s support of charter schools and the financial crisis currently crippling the public school system. 


Shooter And Victims of San Bernadino School Shooting Identified

Cedric Anderson was granted access to North Park Elementary School in San Bernardino, California because he said he had something to give his wife, Karen Elaine Smith. Unfortunately, once Anderson reached the classroom where Smith was teaching, he reached for a .357 Magnum and opened fire, killing Smith and injuring two of her students. Anderson then took his own life.

Anderson, 53, and Smith, 53, had gotten married in January but were already estranged for several weeks, according to The San Bernadino Sun.