UC Berkeley Adds Space For Black Students

In 1995, the University of California ended race-based enrollment practices meant to balance out its student population. As a result, the current percentage of Black students enrolled in lower than 3 percent. More than 20 years later, UC Berkeley took a step towards affirming its black student population by opening the Fannie Lou Hamer Black Resource Center.

Chicago Principals Told Not To Allow ICE Officials School Access Without Warrants

Chicago Public Schools is doing what it can to help support students who would be affected by President Trump’s recent crackdown on immigration. As a start, the school system has informed principals that they shouldn’t grant immigration enforcement officials access to school property without warrants.

Virginia University Responds To Racist Video Featuring Gun & Trump Mask

The delivery of threats to inflict harm on black bodies may evolve with the times, but the tools used in these threats – such as masks, firearms and anonymity – have always been staples.

A video began circulating online of an individual wearing a Donald Trump mask, wearing a t-shirt that read “My president is white” and brandishing a handgun as hip-hop-inspired music played in the background full of references to stereotypes about Black people.

Black Students at University of Wisconsin-Madison Demand Free Tuition

Predominantly White Institutions (PWIs) are referred to as such because they’re mostly just that and the gap between them and most diverse schools is quite considerable. To address this disparity in racial representation, Black students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have made demands of their University. They are not playing games.

According to The Associated Press, the Associated Students of Madison sent university officials a resolution demanding that Black students receive free tuition in response to the negative effects slavery and a history of racism has had on Black students’ attempts to achieve a higher education. 

12-Year-Old Marley Dias To Publish Activism Guide For Kids & Teens

12-year-old Marley Dias continues to impress and make us all wish we would’ve done more with our childhood.

After demanding more diversity in school reading lists, Dias’ #1000BlackGirlBooks took off. The effort saw more than 8,000 donations and resulted in books being donated by the GrassROOTS Community Foundation to far more schools than originally anticipated.

As if that weren’t already enough to put on an amazing college application one day, Scholastic has announced that it will be publishing a book penned by Dias to teach kids and teenagers the basics of activism and using their platforms to spark change. 

Teacher Shows Kids How To Wear A Du-Rag In Latest Proof We Need More Black Teachers

Despite literally forging the minds of our future, educators aren’t thanked nearly as much as they should be. Not only do they fill their students with academic knowledge, but they often play a significant role on their daily lives. Which is why having teachers students can see themselves in is crucial. 

Yale Changes Name Of College Named After Pro-Slavery Alumnus

Many of the United States’ oldest institutions are rooted in white supremacy and a select few are working to establish a more welcoming and inclusive foundation. To do just that, Yale University has renamed a college that was the namesake of John C. Calhoun, the former vice president to John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson and white supremacist. 

Your Digital Toolbox for Justice and Resistance

The look and feel of movements for justice and equity are changing thanks to social media’s ability to spread messages and create access to information, resources, and actions. Pushing these limits of social media use are young people of color and their networks (the ignition of #BlackLivesMatter is an example), as this group finds different ways to spread messages focusing on the things they care about. In this way, communication and movement building tie together by tightly spreading information that can’t as easily be hidden, whitewashed, or ignored. Thus, these young people are creating a digital toolbox for justice.

Mike Pence Breaks Tie To Confirm Betsy DeVos As Education Secretary

It appears that all of President Donald Trump’s cabinet appointments are going to be confirmed, despite clear splits down party lines and issues with the preparedness for the jobs.

The latest example of just how divided the country is came as Betsy DeVos was voted in as the newest Secretary of Education, a position she’s sorely unqualified for with practically no experience with public schools.