This new video compares Donald Trump’s platform to the Black Panther Party’s

Unfortunately, we should now accept that Donald Trump will be President of the United States come January 20, 2017 (over a month later I’m still experiencing some disbelief in this truth). But what I won’t accept are his disingenuous attempts to be inclusive and to work for Black people.

A Few Ways to Support Police Abolition In The New Year (Or Right Now)

“Why do we accept forms of security that are rooted in violence?” – Angela Davis, Lecture at University of Chicago November 2016

When I first learned of prison abolition it was from Angela Davis during a lecture she gave at my college campus in 2009. The concept of prison abolition seemed so large and out of reach and it wasn’t something I put much thought into until this year, but a defeatist attitude isn’t what abolished slavery – so who am I to doubt the possibilities of abolition?

Missouri Students To Be Charged With Felonies For Fighting In 2017

Starting in 2017, schools in Missouri will no longer handle the aftermath of fights between students internally. According to a new statute, School Resource Officers (SROs) and local authorities will now get involved and students may be charged with a felony.

Think Progress originally reported that the new statute will take effect on Jan. 1 and could play a major role in strengthening the school-to-prison pipeline, which could see an increasing number of kids with criminal records at a young age. 

Why America Needs Justice-Oriented Civic Education Now More Than Ever

The United Negro Improvement Association. The Congress of Racial Equity. The Southern Christian Leadership Conference. The Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. The National Association of Colored Women. The National Association For the Advancement of Colored People. The Black Panther Party.

The list of civic organizations that helped shape the course of racial justice in the 20th century seems almost endless.

Charles Barkley Donates $2 Million To Two HBCU’s

When he’s not analyzing professional basketball, Charles Barkley is prone to offer his two cents pertaining to issues in the black community – ranging from crime to protests. While there’s almost always disagreement regarding his criticisms, they do appear to come from a place of genuine concern.

This became more evident when he donated $2 million to two different historically black colleges this past week, according to The Undefeated.

Detroit students are fighting a state government that claims ‘literacy is not a right’

This country has a long history of denying the basic, unabridged, and inalienable rights to all people despite the promises made in the Bill of Rights. This truth is evidenced by the fact that students, right now in 2016, are fighting in Michigan courts for better quality education.

Seven Detroit children, as represented by a Los Angeles law firm, filed a lawsuit in September citing “decades of state disinvestment and deliberate indifference to Detroit’s schools have denied them access to literacy,” according to WJBK-Fox2 News