Since being discovered on YouTube in 2012, Chicago-based rapper Chief Keef has become one of the most talked about performers by the masses. You would think that it would be for his music, (T.I. did call him “the voice of the young generation”) *sideye, but most of the publicity is in result of Chief Keef’s controversial statements and involvement with crime.

His latest comment appears to be taking claim for the city’s high murder rate.

From Hip Hop Wired:

While advertising his new mixtape entitled “Bang 3” on Instagram, controversial Chicago rapper Chief Keef made ignorant claims that the project is so hot it will raise the murder rate.

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Keef came under the radar of Chicago Police after a tweet from his account surfaced in connection to the murder of rival rapper Lil Jojo. Moments after the slain teen’s death, Chief Keef’s Twitter account released a tweet that said “It’s sad cuz dat n***a Jojo wanted to be jus like us #LMAO”

Keef later claimed his account had been hacked and tweeted, “If you dnt talk 2 me or dro my manager…its not real.”


While Chief Keef’s mentality is unfortunate, what’s worse is that many young black men feel the same way. Who can we blame for our youth glorifying violence?

How do we combat the popular hip hop trend?

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