Chief Keef says new mixtape will ‘raise the murder rate’


Since being discovered on YouTube in 2012, Chicago-based rapper Chief Keef has become one of the most talked about performers by the masses. You would think that it would be for his music, (T.I. did call him “the voice of the young generation”) *sideye, but most of the publicity is in result of Chief Keef’s controversial statements and involvement with crime.

His latest comment appears to be taking claim for the city’s high murder rate.

Chief Keef Threatens to Slap Katy Perry After She Dissed His Song

Earlier this week Chief Keef was arrested in Atlanta. Now, he’s embroiled in a bit of a beef with pop singer Katy Perry, after he learned that she dissed his song:


On Wednesday, the 28-year-old pop star tweeted, “Just heard a new song on the radio called ‘I hate being sober’ I now have serious doubt for the world.”

Days after Perry dissed the song, the rapper responded with some choice words:

Chief Keef Arrested in Atlanta

Chief Keef, the YouTube sensation whose song “That Sh*t I Don’t Like” landed him a record deal, was arrested in Atlanta:


Chief Keef, 17, was arrested in Dunwoody north of Atlanta Monday afternoon and booked under his real name, Keith Farrelle Cozart, on one misdemeanor count of disorderly conduct. He was released on his own recognizance from the DeKalb County Jail around 3:20 a.m. today, a spokesman said.

Chief Keef Under Fire for Lyrics Threatening Woman For Not Performing Sex Act on Him

Just as the outrage over Rick Ross’ date rape lyrics has begun to die down, another controversial rapper is under fire for misogynistic lyrical content.

Chief Keef recently previewed a song called “You” in which he threatens to murder a women for not performing a sex act on him.

He says: “You ain’t gonna let me f— you, and I feel you / But you gone suck my d— or I’ll kill you”

Violence vs. Apathy

By Javonna Hines





I attend Temple University in Philadelphia, and almost every time I mention that I am from Chicago I get 2 questions: “Do you know Chief Keef?” and “Have you ever been shot?”