Hillary Clinton won young voters with 55 percent of the vote compared to Donald Trump’s 37 percent. As one could imagine, this means a lot of young people are pissed about how the election turned out. But these numbers don’t include people who couldn’t vote because they were under the age of 18, such as high school students across the country. They’re making their voices heard in other ways.

On Tuesday, exactly a week after the election, students from Woodrow Wilson Senior High School in Washington, D.C walked out of class in an act of protest, despite the threat of punishment from school officials, according to CBS DC.

“School or district administrators were not involved in or consulted with during the planning of this event and students are expected to be in school throughout the day. Any student who leaves will receive an unexcused absence for periods they miss,” read a memo sent by Kimberly Martin, the school’s principal.

The Woodrow students were joined by students from other high schools as they all made their way to Trump’s hotel and the Capitol with their numbers reaching the hundreds.


Protests have occurred every night since Trump was elected and seem to only be picking up steam as time goes on. Which means demonstrations could reach a completely different level by January when he’s sworn into office.


Photo via Twitter