Residents of Ferguson, Missouri who have been actively protesting against police brutality will take their activism to Cleveland on Saturday.

The protesters will stand together to demand justice for Tamir Rice, a 12-year-old black child who was gunned down by police less than three seconds after they arrived on the scene.


Rice was shot Nov. 22 by Cleveland Police Officer Tim Loehmann outside Cudell Recreation Center. The boy died the following morning.

Police had responded to a call of someone with a gun. The 12-year-old had an airsoft-type pellet gun that resembles a handgun. Loehmann shot Rice within seconds of arriving at the gazebo where Rice stood.

Protesters will make the eight-hour trek from Missouri on buses to rally throughout the weekend. Organizers plan to hold multiple protests across the city on Saturday, in including downtown and at the Steelyard Commons.

“Tamir Rice is my cousin and I am doing this in his honor,” protest organizer Latonya Goldsby said.


Demonstrators will also march downtown during Sunday’s Cavaliers game.

Black lives matter.

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