A group of Harlem teens partnered with the Harlem Hospital Center and The New York County District Attorney’s Office on a documentary exploring gun violence.

The film focuses on Dedric Hammond, who once lived by the gun until a brush with death took his life in a different direction.

He is now a violence interrupter.

From Ebony:

“You can see the transformation in this young man from a guy that used to be a banger in the street to now being a person who is trying to interrupt violence,” said Erik Cliette, Director of Harlem Hospital Injury Prevention Program.

According to Cliette, Beloved’s street credibility, his powerful story ensures that he has the ear of any gang member he happens to speak to. He’s been exactly where they are and he’s seen how it is, and more important, how it could be.

In “Triggering Wounds,” we see Beloved slapping five with the man who shot him, a testament to the life-changing healing that comes with forgiveness.  The filmmakers hope that this message will resonate with the young people most affected by the cycle of violence and the film will be shown at least twice to victims of gun violence, assault, or stabbing that end up in Harlem Hospital, in hopes of fostering dialogue about the choices the victims will make upon leaving their hospital room.

Erik Cliette, Director of Harlem Hospital Injury Prevention Program, hopes to have the film shown at middle and high schools, and in group therapy sessions.

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Kudos to these young people and their allies for using art to affect change.

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