When you’re applying for a job, your name says a lot about you. Even if it doesn’t, hiring managers have very little to judge you on besides your qualifications pre-interview (which should be all they judge you on).

Andrew Moskowitz commented on a  Facebook thread when he allegedly posted the following statement in response to a New York Times blog post. The post was about an African American woman struggling to choose a name for her child.

From The Washington Times:

In the quote posted on the Facebook Page, Drayton wrote she worried that her unborn son’s race and name alone would leave him marked as a criminal for life. One respondent, Andrew Moskowitz shared that he is a hiring manager who routinely passes on “African sounding” names like “Tamisha” and other “tribal names” so not to give his existing employers “discomfort” in having to “deal with someone with such a name.”


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After the comment was posted, social media viewers looked into Moskowitz’ online accounts; discovering other questionable racist and homophobic comments. Some vowed to get him fired.

He has since deleted the comment and other discriminatory words from his accounts.


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