Black contractors demand fair hiring practices


A group of black contractors in Chicago said they are tired of losing out on jobs in their own communities, especially to larger companies.

So as the Chicago Housing Authority opens a bidding process for a project that includes the renovation of a public housing community on the city’s south side, community members, organizations and black contractors are demanding that one company be excluded from the bid. 

The reason why young black men can’t work

The following post originally appeared on ColorLines as part of its Life Cycles of Inequity” series. The series explores the ways in which inequity impacts the lives of black men. Each month, we focus on a life stage or event in which that impact has been shown to be particularly profound. Previously, we focused on implicit bias in the classroom. This piece was written by Kai Wright, and appears under the original title, “Why Young, Black Men Can’t Work.”

Study: black gay men make as much as straight white men in corporate America


According to a study released by researchers at Princeton University, negative stereotypes about black gay men has very little impact on their salary.

The research is described in a paper titled The Positive Consequences of Negative Stereotypes: Race, Sexual Orientation and the Job Application Process“, and challenges the commonly held idea that membership in multiple marginalized groups leads to more discrimination.