Hundreds of students from Perspectives Charter School’s five campuses rallied near Chicago’s South Side for peace in their communities Thursday morning.

The student-led “I am for Peace” march went from 22nd and State street to 36th Street and Wabash Avenue. 

From ABC:

Thousands of students from Perspectives Charter School’s five campuses converged on the Near South Side Thursday morning to rally for peace in their communities. […] “Just please stop the violence, it’s not going to get you anywhere, it’s just going to be more and more violence, it’s like a chain reaction,” said Alexandria Moore, a marcher.

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Leaders of the movement said they are tired of hearing about shootings in their neighborhoods. Some students said they weren’t sure if they will even survive due to the gun violence in the city.

Just Wednesday six people were shot and one died as a result of shootings around Chicago. The students’ march was also supported by local business, faith and community leaders.

We must continue to speak out and stand up against the harms of our communities. Kudos to the students for demanding safety. 


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