A new law was passed in Illinois to make it mandatory that driving classes teach students what to do if they’re pulled over by police. Because we all know that when these situations escalate, it’s almost always the civilians fault, right?

According to ABC 7 Chicago, Governor Bruce Rauner signed the law into effect this past week and it’s meant to keep teens from panicking and raising red flags if they’re ever stopped by police.¬†

“My hope is that if we uniformly require that driver’s education include the protocol and what is expected when you interact with a police officer that things will not escalate,” said¬†State Senator Julie Morrison of Deerfield.

This bill comes with implication that drivers who are pulled over need to work harder to make sure they don’t become a hashtag or, even worse, get disappeared by officers as many other have in the past. The most likely result of this new bill will be that officers will be given a scapegoat when situations escalate after they pull over drivers by simply pointing out that they didn’t follow protocols they were given in class.

“It’s important for individuals to know what conduct they should demonstrate when they’re stopped by a law enforcement officer,” Jesse White, Secretary of State, said.

I’m all for the community and police departments working together to end the police violence. But forcing civilians to take a class implies that they’re solely responsible for any wrongdoing while officers are still able to shoot civilians and celebrate as if they were on a hunting trip.

Photo Credit: Wiki Commons