Funding for education in Illinois is a mess. The inability to come to a compromise on a state budget has resulted in a financial crisis felt by schools on all levels.

Just a couple of days ago, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced that Chicago Public Schools is much deeper in the hole than expected – by an additional hundreds of millions of dollars. Last year, Chicago State University was forced to lay off hundreds of employees and was at risk of not finishing the school-year.  Instead of working together to come to an agreement, both sides continue to pass the blame back and forth. People are tired of it.

Taking a page out of Betsy DeVos’ book, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner was booed while delivering a commencement at a school he probably shouldn’t have even been at, according to WGN.

Despite the boos, the Republican governor took the moment in stride and attempted to turn the attention of the ugly moment onto “the system” instead of himself.

“There was clapping but there was also some negative feedback,” he said.  “You know what? I share their frustration. This system is broken. I am totally with them. I’d love to boo our system as well. I’m not going to boo it. I’m going to change it.”

Emanuel was also in attendance to congratulate the graduates. The two appearing in the same space is a bit of a rarity these days as they’re often on differing sides of political issues.

When Emanuel was asked for his perspective on the current crisis, he turned to politicians in Springfield .

“Illinois has to invest in education, and they have to also not only give all the school districts certainty — what they can’t do is have a bait and switch where they say, ‘Here’s what we’re going to do,’ and then never pay their bills,” he said, according to The Chicago Tribune.