Fidencio Sanchez, 89, lost his only daughter this past July. According to CBS, she was his main means of support and her loss forced him to devote even more time to his business to make ends meet. That business was selling fruit popsicles, commonly referred to as “paletas” in Chicago’s Little Village neighborhood.

When Joel Cervantes Macias was driving by and saw his elder working so hard, he felt moved. After buying 20 paletas and giving him $50, he took a picture and posted it to his Facebook.

“I saw this elderly man struggling to push is paleta cart (Popsicle cart). It broke my heart seeing this man that should be enjoying retirement still working at this age,”Joel Cervantes Macias said on the GoFundMe page. “I had to pull over and took (sic) this picture. I then bought 20 paletas and gave him a $50 and said may God bless him and drove away.”

The photo got so much circulation that he made a GoFundMe Campaign with a goal of $3,000 to help Sanchez. In just four days, donations have surged to reach $300,000 to give him and his family.

“God sent it at the time we needed it the most,” said Sanchez’ granddaughter, Dulce Perez. “After my mom’s passing, they felt more burdened to not miss any days.”

It’s an inspiration to see hard work be rewarded on such a major level.

Photo: GoFundMe