At a campaign rally in Ohio yesterday, Jay-Z brought the house down with a slight revision to one of his classics.

From NewsOne:

With a mischievous grin, the multi-millionaire business owner and part owner of the NBA franchise team, the Brooklyn Nets, looked around at the crowd in the battleground state, then said jokingly:

“They told me no colorful language. So I brought two songs. I have to do it, I’m sorry,” Jay-Z laughed. “I didn’t get clearance from Secret Service, so hopefully they won’t tackle me. I changed the lyrics of the song. It goes like this – so let’s do it real fast before they come up here and take the mic away.”

And, boy oh boy, did he change the lyrics:

Hit me!

“If you havin’ world problems, I feel bad for you, son/ I got 99 problems but Mitt ain’t one.”

The crowd exploded in cheers, most appearing to join in.

Romney’s people are of course totally angry about this, siting it a a “new low” for the Obama campaign

Check out the performance below:


Did Jay-Z hit a “new low” with this performance?

Or did just make you laugh?

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