For the first time since January 12, 2010 when the Pittsburgh Police brutally beat innocent and unarmed honor student Jordan Miles until he looked like this:

Jordan Miles publicly speaks about the brutality he suffered and his pursuit of justice

In a article from the Pittsburgh City Paper, Jordan Miles answers questions about how he felt when the Police Officers who brutally beat him were quickly reinstated and when Police Chief Nate Harper called his senseless beating, “a teachable moment”:

When Police Chief Nate Harper announced that the officers would be going back to work, he said there was no evidence that there was any wrongful conduct on their part. He also said he’s “very comfortable” bringing the officers back. How comfortable are you?

I’m not comfortable at all. They can do [what they did to me] to just about anybody. … I don’t see any reason for them to go to the level of brutality given to me. Those cops, they are brutal and they were wrong. And I would really like it for them not to be back on the streets.

Harper called the incident a “teachable moment,” and said, “We would hope that young people realize that when a police officer approaches them, and they’ve done nothing wrong, to see what the police officer wants instead of running away.”  What’s your reaction?

When I first heard that, it almost made me want to laugh, because he said that statement as if I knew that these were cops. If I knew that these were undercover cops, then I would have obliged to anything that they asked for. … [T]he fact that they did not identify themselves as cops was the reason why I ran away. If they did, then I would have obliged. I don’t know if he believes that I did not know that these were cops or not, but he’s speaking as if I did, and [saying] I ran as if I felt like I was guilty of committing a crime.

Pittsburgh Post Gazette illustrator Rob Rogers’ cartoon say it all

Lastly, One Hood and X-Clan founding member Paradise Gray lays out the demands for Justice from the community and his opinion of Chief Harper’s controversial comments