Kanye West ruffled quite a lot of feathers when he announced his support of President-elect Trump while on stage. Then he made a stop to Trump Tower  to have a personal meeting with him and posed for pictures in the lobby.

Kanye had finally gotten the approval of those white billionaires he’s wanted for years at the expense of the respect of many of his fans and supporters. At least, that’s what it looked like.

Some speculated that the hip-hop/fashion mogul was going to perform at Donald Trump’s inauguration. Especially considering that so many celebrities had turned down invitations to do so. Unfortunately, Kanye isn’t “traditionally American” enough to be associated with the historic day and was never even asked to perform.

“We haven’t asked him. I mean, he’s been great. He considers himself a friend of the president-elect, but it’s not the venue,” Presidential Inauguration Committee Chair Tom Barrack Jr. told Vanity Fair. “The venue we have for entertainment is filled out; it’s perfect. It’s going to be typically and traditionally American. Kanye’s a great guy; we just haven’t asked him to perform. We move on with our agenda.”

Uh-oh! Apparently Kanye is good enough to support Trump at his own shows and be used as a prop to gain favor with his fans, but not “traditionally American” enough to be a part of history.

Feel free to speculate as to why Kanye didn’t get the invite or what it even means to be “traditionally American” in the comments. And be sure to remember the famous Kanye line that’s never been more appropriate, “Even if you in a Benz, you still a n-gga in a coupe.”