Four New Jersey police officers are under investigation by their department for making gangsta rap videos.

Their lyrics contain homophobic slurs and violent threats. The videos show them rapping inside of luxury vehicles and brandishing firearms.

Their department says they hold their officers to on and off-duty standards of behavior, and that their antics may have violated those standards.

Meanwhile, one of the rappers – Gat the Great – says these songs are harmless, and the controversy is a result of bias against Hip Hop music.

From NewsOne:

However, Gattison doesn’t see a problem with the videos. “I’m not doing nothing to nobody,” he said. “I could see if I was targeting somebody, but it’s just lyrical exercise.” He also noted that Captain Dwayne Mitchell, Irvington’s highest-ranking police officer, invited him to perform at the department’s annual Christmas Party in December.

He also has some backup. “If they had taken part in a Shakespearean play and the character talked about murdering people, would there be any outrage, ” Wayne Fisher, the former deputy director of the state’s division of criminal justice, said. “In this instance, their First Amendment rights trump anything else.”


Check out one of their videos below:



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