While the high school dropout rate has declined over time, it is still an epidemic.

A documentary, executive produced by Usher and created by Jason Pollack, seeks to explore the trend in hopes of keeping our youth in school.

“Undroppable” will highlight inspiring students who are dealing with significant obstacles in their lives, but are able to walk across the stage no matter what.

From Undroppable:

Students are graduating everywhere against great odds. These brave individuals are truly rock stars in their communities and they deserve a media platform to share their stories. UNDROPPABLE is here to change the conversation around the importance of supporting education at all costs.

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The movie urges parents, legislators and community officials to take a hard look at the country’s education system.

It is set to be released in 2014 .

Thoughts on the documentary’s premise?

Is fixing our education system the key to a strong economy?

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