For years, there have been assumptions about welfare recipients based on myths, such at the belief that they’re mostly drug addicts. Over time, this myth has grown so much that people started to push for drug testing to be a necessary part of applying for welfare.

North Carolina has just released the results from their first string of drug tests among welfare applicants.

According to The State, 7,600 applicants were screened for drug use towards the end of 2015. Of those, 89 were ordered to take tests. Out of those, only 21 came back with positive results of illegal drug use, which breaks down to 0.3 percent of the total number of people screened.

Of the 21 positive results, 12 were approved of a “reduced payment” because children were involved and would’ve been affected.

It’s possible that this number would rise if every applicant were tested. But that would only add to the already invasive practice that’s supported by these negative assumptions. After such a low number from the testing’s first attempt, there are sure to be some people left with a lack of words.

In 2013, Governor Pat McRory vetoed the bill that he felt would cost too much for a lack of results. The tests are funded by the state and each cost $55, according to Fox News Insider.

North Carolina is one of 13 states that have passed legislation to test welfare applicants for drug use, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.


Photo Credit: Flickr