The NYPD officers accused of killing 16 year-old Kimani Gray have been sued numerous times for civil rights violations.

Sergeant Mourad Mourad was sued three times in 2007 for abusing the Stop and Frisk policy. His partner, Jovaniel Cordova has also been sued a couple times for similar offenses.

From NewsOne:

In fact, Attorney Brett Klein of Leventhal & Klein LLP told WNYC that in four of the five cases brought against the two officers — Klein represented four of the clients — violent force culminating in false arrests is a problematic pattern for both Cordova and Mourad:

“Our clients’ interactions with Sergeant Mourad [and] Officer Cordova expose a disturbing pattern of unconstitutional and aggressive stop-and-frisk practices. In our experience, their practices resulted in the false arrests of our clients often with violence.”


Mourad and Cordova are not alone however; civil rights claims against the NYPD are reportedly on the rise.


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