Maryland politician Pat McDonough has called on state troopers to patrol Baltimore’s upscale Inner Harbor in order to protect it from dangerous, roving mobs of violent black youth.

Echoing Philadelphia Mayor Nutter’s infamous call for black youth to “pull up your pants and buy a belt” last Summer, McDonough’s statements single out black youth as a source of terror for residents and visitors to Baltimore’s famous tourist attraction, and have caused a firestorm of controversy.

The Baltimore Sun has even called on McDonough to be sanctioned by the Maryland legislature.

From WND:

“‘The Inner Harbor is a dangerous place for residents and visitors,” said McDonough. “And it does us no good to avoid this hard truth: Black youth are responsible for a sustained and dangerous period of violence in one of Baltimore’s nicest neighborhoods.’

The most recent episode of racial violence happened on St. Patrick’s Day. A white tourist was attacked, beaten, robbed and stripped of his clothes by a gang of laughing and violent black people, reports confirm.

The attack was captured on two videos posted to YouTube that are attracting hundreds of thousands of viewers.”

McDonough and his supporters point to a number of other fairly recent incidences of violence at the Inner Harbor (including a “riot,” dozens of fights, and stabbings), stressing that they were perpetrated by black youth, and that a “crackdown” is in order.

His statements have elicited a great deal of support, particularly from listeners to his radio show. Many are outraged however, condemning his recent comments as an attention-seeking, race-baiting publicity stunt.

Regardless, McDonough has stated unequivocably that he is not going to apologize for his statements.

“‘The Good Book says speak the truth and fear not,’ he said. ‘And for everything they are calling me, you will notice they are not saying one thing. No one is saying that what I said is untrue.'”


Should Pat McDonough be sanctioned by the Maryland legislature for his recent statements?

Why aren’t people like McDonough focused on educating and creating employment opportunities for our youth, rather than vilifying them?

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