With so much information, commentary and artistic reflections out there on the Trayvon Martin case, sifting through it all can be overwhelming.

Project NIA has taken the liberty of collecting some of the most interesting and valuable of those works into a reader geared towards young people.

It’s a great resource for educating and empowering our youth in the wake of this tragedy.

From Project NIA:

Because we work with young people, we decided to collect some of the writing that we found to be most affecting and most illuminating about the issues involved in the Trayvon Martin case. We took care to include writing that would be accessible to young people with an 8th grade reading level.

This publication is appropriate for high school aged youth and older. It includes articles, manifestos, and a couple of poems. At the end, we offer a short list of potential activities and actions that young people can do.

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Click Here to Access the Youth-Friendly Reader About the Trayvon Martin Case