Police officers in Ferguson said they are concerned about their safety after several protesters arrived outside of the home of an officer with the Missouri Highway Patrol earlier this week.


From KMOV:

At the Ferguson City Council Tuesday, several protesters said they would start protesting at homes of police and government officials. Several demonstrators later showed up at the home of an MHP officer in Hazelwood. Authorities said the officer was not home at the time and the protesters left before police arrived.

“These things are real, these things happen, so it’s a legitimate concern,” said Sgt. Brian Schellman with St. Louis County Police.

Schellman said some officers fear retaliation by protesters against themselves or their family. Schellman said officers did not initially wear name tags during the protests in Ferguson because of a fear that someone would hack their email, or that violent protesters would come to their homes.

“Regardless of civil unrest or any protests, it’s something that’s always in the back of police officers’ minds,” Schellman said. “The majority of protesters are peaceful and want people to know we do know that, but it doesn’t take many, it takes one. That’s all it takes is one who has bad intentions.

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It it unclear how many protesters will show up outside the home of police and officials.

Black lives matter.

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