Activists and rape survivors have launched a petition demanding that Reebok drop its endorsement deal with Rick Ross.

Ross is still facing outrage over lyrics that seem to condone and make light of date rape: “Put molly all in her champagne/ She ain’t even know it/ I took her home and I enjoyed that/ She ain’t even know it.”

UltraViolet, an organization dedicated to championing women’s rights and fighting sexism, asserts that Reebok is essentially condoning rape by maintaining their partnership with Ross.

From Billboard:

“Every single day that Reebok continues rewarding Rick Ross with a lucrative endorsement deal, Reebok is condoning rape. When one in five women will be the victim of completed or attempted rape, this is dangerous and it has real-life consequences,” writes the letter, which is signed by Wagatwe Wanjuke. “Your silence on this issue is unacceptable. It’s time you took a stand against rape and drop Rick Ross as a spokesman.”

Ross has his own line of Reebok shoes, and stars in a TV and online campaign for the clothing manufacturer.

In a separate statement, Wanjuke adds, “As a survivor of rape, I’m appalled with Reebok’s use of their brand to promote rape and I am fed up with being told what counts or does not count as rape by both Reebok and Rick Ross.” She says, “We will not give up until Reebok drops Ross and we urge them to issue an apology to their customers and to survivors of rape who have been hurt by their brand’s message.”

So far the petition has received over 75,000 signatures.



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