Rep. John Lewis is the latest target of President-elect Trump’s Twitter wrath after calling out his legitimacy as commander-in-chief. Now that the dust has settled, it looks like Lewis’ legacy as a Civil Rights icon is still firmly in place, if not stronger, following his public scuffle with America’s next president. 

According to The Los Angeles Times, this past weekend saw more than one of Lewis’ books shoot up the Amazon Best Seller’s list, including “March,” a graphic novel trilogy about his work with the Civil Rights Movement.

“March” reportedly jumped all the way from No. 451 on the list and claimed the No. 1 spot with Lewis’ autobiography entitled “Walking with the Wind” coming in at No. 2. For a time, the books were sold out because of the sudden increase in demand.

Trump doesn’t seem to pick the right fights – which is terrifying after considering his next job – but this one worked out for the best.

Photo Credit: Wiki Commons