One of the many photos tweeted under the #StopBlackGirls2013 hashtag.



The internet has erupted with a new hashtag “dedicated” the black girls and women. The problem is that it is incredibly racist and offensive.

#StopBlackGirls2013 polluted Twitter this week with various photos comparing black women to anything from gorillas to farm animals.

From Hello Beautiful:

 Black girls weren’t the only victims of this racist hashtag as others targeting Mexican girls, Indian girls and more popped up during the frenzy, but it was the #StopBlackGirls2013 hashtag that had the longer shelf life.At first, it skyrocketed to the number five trending topic and within 20 minutes, it was second. An hour later, #StopWhiteGirls2013 was born and landed in the sixth spot for trending for a short stint, and then it was completely void as a trending topic altogether. This proves one thing: making jokes at a Black girl’s expense is a lot more fun for ignorant folks than any other race. What’s worse is that Black people started participating too!

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The hashtag is one of many examples of objectifying the black woman’s body for comedic entertainment.

#OpenSeasonOnBlackGirlsIsOver has surfaced as a result of #StopBlackGirls2013. The hashtag seeks to put an end to making fun of black girls and women.

Thoughts on the hashtag?

Why are black women the go-to for humor on social media?

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