Facing Race: Building for Racial Justice In Schools Post-Election

By Nuala Cabral

Last Thursday, over two thousand people from across the country came together in Atlanta for Facing Race, a national conference on racial justice. Organized by the NY-based nonprofit Race Forward, the conference embodies the organization’s mission to “build awareness, solutions, and leadership for racial justice.” The timing of this conference couldn’t have been more perfect; only one day earlier Donald Trump was announced president elect of the United States. The conference, thus, became a space where folks could grieve and process the implications of this destructive election and strategize around ways we can respond.

Prince George’s County Bus Driver Saves 20 Kids From Fire

When Renetia Smith’s bus full of 20 kids caught on fire, she did not hesitate before taking charge. Within seconds, her seatbelt was off, the bus door was open and she was getting kids off of the bus as quickly as possible. But even then, she took the time to check the bus one last time and make sure the it was empty, although it was being taken over by flames, according to NBC Washington.

Washington D.C. Has More Homeless Kids and Parents Than Single Adults

Homelessness plagues people in localities across nearly the entire world. While it’s nothing new, those that study it are growing concerned because it seems to be changing for the worse over time.

The Washington Post reports that there are now more homeless children and parents in Washington D.C. than single adults, which changes what many considered to be the face of homelessness. 

Scholastic Will (Begrudgingly) Stop Sales of the ‘Happy Slave’ Children’s Book

Last week, news emerged about a children’s book that romanticized the story of Hercules, the slave and chef of the nation’s first president, George Washington. The book gave an account of slavery which suggested that enslaved African and Black folks were “happy” and honored to serve Washington. Now, Scholastic, the book’s publisher, has chosen to cease sales of the problematic book. But, they issued an even more problematic response from the editor beforehand.