Muriel Bowser

Washington D.C. Has More Homeless Kids and Parents Than Single Adults

Homelessness plagues people in localities across nearly the entire world. While it’s nothing new, those that study it are growing concerned because it seems to be changing for the worse over time.

The Washington Post reports that there are now more homeless children and parents in Washington D.C. than single adults, which changes what many considered to be the face of homelessness. 


Scholastic Will (Begrudgingly) Stop Sales of the ‘Happy Slave’ Children’s Book

Last week, news emerged about a children’s book that romanticized the story of Hercules, the slave and chef of the nation’s first president, George Washington. The book gave an account of slavery which suggested that enslaved African and Black folks were “happy” and honored to serve Washington. Now, Scholastic, the book’s publisher, has chosen to cease sales of the problematic book. But, they issued an even more problematic response from the editor beforehand.

The exploitation of Terio

The following piece was written by William C. Anderson, and appeared on under the original title of “Lil Terio Isn’t a Little Man.”

By: William C. Anderson


By the time I discovered lil TerRio, hundreds of thousands of people had already shared clips of the 7-year-old Georgian dancing. There was no doubt to me that he was going to be a big deal. The viral clips with his ‘play cousin’ filming, laughing, and saying “ooh kill ‘em” quickly became impossible to avoid. But I could not help but to wonder about how safe this newfound stardom would be for the elementary schooler.