I write for The Black Youth Project blog about twice a week. I love news media and think a free and fair press is essential to holding centers of power accountable. But it seems like, as of late, the only center of power dominating the press cycle is dumpster fire of a president Donald Trump.

Now, I have covered Trump. Extensively. And I believe it is my job as a political writer, particularly someone with the perspective of political science, to highlight the injustices and incompetence of the Trump administration.

But I. Am. Tired.

Certainly my lovely editor gives me plenty of options when I sit down to write and understands my Trump borne weariness. The Black Youth Project blog has a much wider range than national and, particularly, institutional politics. But, as of late and as a student of politics, the Trump dominated news cycle has become addictive for me, like watching a trainwreck: nearly impossible to look away or focus on anything else.

But I know there is more interesting, more crucial, more uplifting and important news out there! So here are ten things that I would rather write about and I’m sure many of you would rather read than any more of Trump’s disaster of a cabinet (and believe me, it is bad).

1. Yesterday, immigrants across the nation emphasized their contributions and the with #DayWithoutImmigrants.

Folks marched, walked out and boycotted businesses in order to push back the dangerous and cruel rhetoric that has been levied by Voldemort–er, Trump, and the Republican Party.

In the wake of immigration raids, which are now impacting Dreamers (the young children of undocumented immigrants), this resistance is crucial to highlight and makes the fourth straight week of protest since Tr*mp took office.

2. In lighter news: Beyoncé’s Album of the Year Grammy for the groundbreaking Lemonade album/ film was stolen.

Now I love Adele: she can bring a tear to my eye and put a song in my heart, but the Grammys has been disrespecting Black art since time immortal. Lemonade was a national obsession and a poignant soundtrack for Black womanhood, and just because Adele’s can carry a tune does not mean, as Kid Fury would say, that they should give her Beyoncé’s things.

3. Three children were shot in Chicago this past week.

It is difficult to grapple with the societal conditions that led to such a horrible event, and additionally difficult to comprehend the pain their families are enduring. Organizers from BYP100 considered how we can support black women and girls with the #PrayersForKiya hashtag and tweet chat, named for one of the young victims of this violence.

4. The Philando Castile manslaughter case is moving forward, after a judge denied Officer Jeronimo Yanez’s defense that Castile’s own actions led to his death.

This is an important next step in achieving justice for Philando and prosecuting the officer that shot Castile in cold blood last June.

5. Activism demanding free tuition has been taking place at University of Wisconsin Madison, as well as at universities across South Africa.

Black students are demanding equal access to education by insisting that fees are a hindrance to that access. Both movements are centered on eliminating fees to increase the enrollment of black students in their state and country, respectively.

While I understand that this is a crucial political moment, as the press has the power (and perhaps the opportunity) to take down Trump, amidst all the craziness, politics (and anti-blackness) is still happening and people are working against this to make the world better.

We must remain vigilant of course, but we must also remember to make front page space for those whose work and stories are located outside of the margins. Even at this political moment of uncertainty, reporting should continue to give voice to the voiceless and elevate other stories that matter.

Photo Credits: Flickr