Graphic new video of a homeless man fatally shot by Michigan police in 2012 has been released.

Milton Hall, 49, was facing eight members of the Saginaw police force and a K-9 dog in a parking lot. Hall, who was mentally ill, was holding a pen knife. Officers fired 46 shots at Hall as he died on the pavement. 

From New York Daily News:

Local and federal authorities declined to file charges against the officers, despite a flurry of protests from across the country.

On Monday, the ACLU released violent footage of the incident from a dashboard camera as part of its presentation to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights in Washington.

Included in the presentation was footage from an interview with his mother, Jewel Hall, who said her son’s blood was “running down the street like water. And he wasn’t a threat, I mean, he had a little pen knife. He had no idea that those policemen would do that to him.”

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Watch the disturbing incident (warning: viewer discretion advised):

The footage was taken by a police cruiser dashcam. Legal counsel representing Hall’s family handed it over the the ACLU.

The police, along with the U.S. Department of Justice said investigators did not find evidence the officers had demonstrated “willful misconduct.” Hall’s family contends that he posed no threat to the police officers at the time of his death.

May justice be served.

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