Video: Homeless man handed $1,000 lottery ticket, wants to share winnings with others


You’re about to witness the exact definition of the phrase “pay it forward.” Comedian Magic of Rahat executed the ultimate act of kindness. Earlier this week, the internet entertainer decided to give a homeless man a winning lottery ticket.


From the looks of the video Rahat had no idea what the amount for the ticket was, and accompanied the unsuspecting man to the convenience store to find out. 

Homeless teen raises money to attend college


19-year-old James Ward always knew that he wanted to attend college. But his dream was temporarily shattered after finding out that he did not have the financial assistance to attend college.

Ward, who has been homeless for several years, was accepted into Howard University and his long-time mentor Jessica Sutherland was determined for him to attend.

So she launched a social media campaign with the #HomelesstoHoward. 

Allen Iverson retires…with no money



LeBron James thinks that Allen Iverson is the best “pound for pound” NBA player he’s ever seen. That’s no light compliment, especially coming from “King James” himself.

No doubt Iverson’s legacy will be one worth remembering, but we’ll also remember that the star retired broke.

From The Inquisitr:

You might be wondering what could make Allen Iverson broke if he’s such a great basketball player. After all, he earned over $200 million during his 15-year NBA career, and a Reebok endorsement scored him $50 million, so where could all of that money have gone?

Show Me the Money

marriage-equalityLast Friday was National Coming Out Day. Shout out to those who took it as an opportunity to publicly express their sexuality and those who didn’t. Either way, you deserve a big hug and an even bigger ice cream cone. Of course, even with the government shutdown, politics influences how we view the day. So, it wasn’t surprising that last week the same-sex marriage issue that many states are addressing got tied to coming out. Clearly, there are what might be regarded as “problems” with the process of coming out and same-sex marriage. Now, I won’t spend anytime here unpacking any of the issues as I see them. Instead, I’d like to take a moment to promote yet another modest proposal.

Fraught, conservative institution or not, we can all agree that marriage can be an expensive endeavor. From dresses to flowers to delicious cake to chicken or beef or veggie, jumping the broom in any traditional capacity costs many a ducket. In a way, that’s what the fight for same-sex marriage is for: access to several rituals which includes registering a place setting you’ll never use. In essence, that’s the transaction. I put on a big party and feed you, you cry over me and buy me steak knives. Which brings me to my point.