Olympic hurdler Kellie Wells has once again opened up about the sexual abuse she experienced as an adolescent, hoping that her story will inspire and empower other young people facing similar obstacles.

Wells was repeatedly abused, and eventually raped, by her stepfather as a youngster. Needing an escape, she left home and threw herself into athletics in high school, eventually leading to Olympic glory.

From the Huffington Post:

“The hurdler’s determination led her to Hampton University, National Championships, and, ultimate Olympic glory. It is now her hope, she explains, to devote her strength to empowering others.

‘If I could save one person’s life, help them get out of a terrible situation, to save themselves or to save their children, then my whole life, my whole career, is very much worth while,’ she said.”

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We are very proud of Kellie Wells’ achievements, and commend her committment to empowering young people by telling her inspiring story.