People are free to change their minds 1 million times over if they like. That’s part of what makes us human beings. However, changing your mind also opens one up to a crowd of people rolling their eyes and asking “What took you so long?”

Kanye West was one of Donald Trump’s most vocal and surprising supporters following his election. He shouted out his support  – even though he didn’t vote – in front of thousands of people from on stage and later met with him at Trump Tower.

According to TMZ, West has finally read the writing on the wall (no pun intended) and realized that Trump isn’t good for the United States or anyone else. Except for Russia.

West has deleted all of his tweets supporting Trump and justifying his meeting.

Hopefully this is a sign that he’s coming to his senses and not just an emotional reaction to the Trump administration feeling he wasn’t “traditionally American” enough to be a part of the Inauguration. But, let’s be honest. That wouldn’t be all that surprising.