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Oakland schools’ black male students at risk

Jill Tucker, San Francisco, 5/24/12

By the time they reach middle school, more than half of the African American males in Oakland show signs they’ll miss high school graduation day, with suspensions and chronic absenteeism topping the list of common characteristics among them, according to a study released Tuesday.

The Urban Strategies Council report identified several risk factors facing black males and urged Oakland education officials to monitor those students closely and intervene to keep them in class and on track to graduate.



JP school psychologist who made controversial remarks resigns
Staff Writer, WWL News, 5/22/12


Parents defend youth racing after crash critically injures 12-year-old boy
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Report reveals challenges facing African American boys in Oakland schools
Katy Murphy, Oakland Tribune, 5/23/12


Baltimore City youth ‘rep their rec’ in protest of proposed center closings
Hassan Giordano, Baltimore Independent Examiner, 5/25/12


Black students in Oakland face harsher discipline
Mary Flynn, California Health Report, 5/26/12


YPS releases stunning results of Black gay youth survey
Kate Sosin, Windy City Times, 5/26/12


Sun’s racial hypocrisy is showing again
The Baltimore Sun, Staff Writer, 5/26/12


Pat McDonough expands his campaign by taking his crime message to Baltimore TV
David Zurawik, The Baltimore Sun, 5/27/12