Tracee Ellis Ross gets a lot of love for her beautiful, natural hair.

But after a funny but problematic meme began making its rounds online – with the caption “That moment when you realize that you don’t have Tracee Ellis Ross’ hair– Ross launched a counter movement; the “Hair Love” campaign.

Though flattered by the compliment, Ross wants young women to love and embrace who they are.

From the Huffington Post:

“I don’t want you to want my hair. The reason I don’t want you to want my hair is I’m of the school of love what you got. For me, the reason my hair was such a battle was because I was trying to make it something it wasn’t. I wanted the hair that somebody else had,” Tracee says in the video.


She goes on to say: “I love that you love my hair but I only love that you love my hair if it’s an inspiration for you to love your hair.”

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Kudos to Ms. Ross for championing a message of self-love.