The recent spate of unjust voter ID laws has spurred a surge in activism and advocacy across the country.

Chicago’s Trinity United Church of Christ has stepped up the plate, leading the fight against these laws by committing to registering as many young people as possible before the October 9th deadline.

The movement is being led by Rev. Otis Moss III, senior pastor at Trinity.

The Black Youth Project is proud to stand with Trinity and Rev. Moss in this important fight against a “postmodern poll tax.”

From the Chicago Tribune:

“‘It’s a postmodern poll tax,’ Moss said. ‘This has nothing to do with protecting democracy and everything to do with suppressing the vote and moving back to a time period where it was difficult for people of color, people who were poor, people who were elderly to exercise their right to vote.’

Voter ID legislation is pending in Illinois. On Tuesday, a spokeswoman for the Illinois attorney general said the office could not quantify the frequency of voter fraud in Illinois. Moss said he and others would keep an eye on the legislation in Springfield. But he’s especially concerned about voters in states such as Indiana, Georgia and Pennsylvania, where photo IDs are already required at the polls.

Last week, Moss traveled to churches across the nation to recruit pastors for what he calls the ‘Turn Out Tuesday’ campaign. Churchgoers will be encouraged to take people with them to the polls on Nov. 6 who might not otherwise have transportation. Pastors will be urged to transport voters on Election Day in church vans and buses.”


Check out Rev. Moss III’s BYP Action Pledge video below: