Tyler, the Creator, is riding high at the moment after releasing his latest album, Flower Boy, to critical acclaim. But that’s not all the rapper/producer has been up to as of late. 

Just last week, Tyler was on a panel at San Diego Comic-Con promoting a forthcoming Adult Swim show he co-created with fellow Odd Future member Lionel Boyce called The Jellies!. The show’s lead is a Black teen named Cornell, who was previously white in earlier incarnations.

As expected, someone asked him what was up with the change. And Tyler went off.

“Why you make him Black?’ Why can’t n*ggas have anything, man?” Tyler said. “How many f*ckin’ black cartoon characters is it on TV right now? Name five. I’ll give you time. It is none… We don’t got sh*t… So I said f*ck that, we about to make this n*gga Black, and he ain’t got no guns, he ain’t shoot no f*cking basketball, and he a f*cking goober, and we gon’ put him on TV. And he’s the lead character, he ain’t the comic relief, he ain’t the sidekick, he the lead n*gga.”

After hearing Tyler’s comments, I actually tried naming five Black cartoon characters on current television shows. I’ve got Cyborg from Teen Titans Go!, Token on South Park, Cleveland Brown from Family Guy and MAYBE Garnett and Amethyst from Steven Universe. But, while I love those last two dearly, they’re red and purple aliens who we just had to claim for ourselves because of that same lack of Black cartoon characters out right now.

Watch the full trailer for The Jellies! below.