Police are investigating another video of a NYPD police officer placing a man in a chokehold and punching him in the face at an East Harlem subway station.

Video of the incident, which surfaced about a week after the death of Eric Garner, shows police arresting Ronald Johns, 22, on July 14 at the 125th Lexington Avenue station. 

From DNAInfo:

During the confrontation he is placed in what looks to be a chokehold at least twice.

Police Officer Colin McGuire stopped Johns after he entered the station through an exit gate, according to court papers.

Johns refused to show police his identification and then “flailed his arms and twisted his body to prevent Officer McGuire from putting handcuffs on him,” according to a criminal complaint.

The officers “had to struggle” with Johns and use pepper spray to subdue him, according to the court papers.

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Watch footage of the incident:

Johns was charged with jumping a turnstile, resisting arrest and trespassing, according to police records.

He was arraigned the following day and released without bail. Johns has a court date set for Sept. 17.

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