Two Hurst, Texas cops are under investigation after being caught on tape using excessive force against a teenager.

17 year-old Andrew Rodriguez and his friend were stopped by an officer for “looking suspicious.” Soon, Rodriguez was being placed under arrest for a trespassing warrant.

The officer tackled him to the ground after he allegedly refused to get off his cell phone (he was calling his mother). Rodriguez began to squirm, complaining that he couldn’t breathe.

Suddenly, another officer comes out of nowhere and elbows him in the back of the head.

From NewsOne:

He then repeatedly yells, “Move and Die!” “Move and f***in Die!”

While pressing his knee against Rodriguez’s neck, the officer warns him to “sit down and shut the f**k up! Move so I can kick your a**! When the police are talking to you, you sit down and down up! This ain’t no game!”

Eventually the officer brings Rodriguez to his feet, at which point he complains that “you came over here and kneed me in the face!” The officer’s response seems to confirm the allegation. “I sure did! You got it tape,” the officer said. “Arnold 654!” The officer is Black. Rodriguez is then cuffed for resisting arrest.

Andrew’s mother is reportedly at peace with the actions of the first officer, but she wants the second officer fired.

The Hurst Police Department says the incident is being investigated.

Check out a news report on the incident below:


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