Angela Davis has announced the launch of the “Bury the Ratchet” Campaign, aimed at fighting the negative, stereotypical portrayals of Black women in mainstream media.

According to NewsOne, the campaign will specifically target women from Altanta, the home of “ratchet” reality shows like Real Housewives of Atlanta.

From NewsOne:

Consequently, Davis will launch a symposium at Spelman College in March 2013, where she will engage other African-American leaders in analyzing how reality television is harming Black culture. Bury the Ratchet will then pool its resources into creating a public service announcement showing how young Black women feel about their depictions in the media.

But can this really help change what women think of these reality programs without removing them from the air? Davis seems confident it can.


Do you watch ‘ratchet’ reality shows like Housewives and Love & Hip Hop?

Is it time to “bury the ratchet?”

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