A number of Black girls and women have gone missing in Chicago. Families are pleading for answers to the disappearances and a local activist community is taking note.

On April 25th, 15-year-old Sadaria Davis went missing after she left her East Garfield Park neighborhood. Her body was found weeks later on May 11th. Online rumors spread saying Davis was mutilated. The Chicago Police Department said they “cannot confirm those details and the cause of death is unknown.”

26-year-old LaTonya Moore went missing for about 2 weeks after Davis’ body was found. Her mother told WGNTV,“I’m praying she’s okay. I don’t want to think the worst, though.”

WGNTV reports Moore was “last seen with a man who has now changed his phone number and is not responding to Facebook messages. But he did send a text message to Smith through her goddaughter and threatened her, Smith said.”

Smith was found dead in a garage last week.

“She has a 7-year-old,” LaTonya Moore said. “I need help and I can’t even tell my grandbaby her mother is gone.”

13-year-old Yasminda Mitchell has also gone missing. Her family and cousin, Tanika Jackson, are putting up flyers at bus stops and businesses near 63rd Street and Damen Avenue.

“Everybody’s so stressed out,” said Jackson. “It’s just too much, with all the stuff going on.”

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said in response to the social unrest, “There’s a lot of misinformation going on about these black females that are coming up missing.”

He insists only two of the cases are related and that some of the girls were involved in prostitution and drugs.

“Right now, there is no credible information that we have a serial kidnapper going around in the black community pillaging. That’s just not true,” he added.

Local activists and religious leaders are accusing local law enforcement of negligence.

Rev. Robin Hood said, “We demand answers. Is there a predator on the loose? If it were anyplace else in the state of Illinois where it was predominately white or rich people, you would have a dragnet looking for people.”