Joshua Adams, a self-described “producer-writer-hooper-rapper-poet-artist-dreamer-lover-fighter-thinker-prayer-AΦA-man,” took to his blog to discuss his feelings about his hometown, Chicago, rapper Chief Keef, and the violence in the city:

Neighborhoods, particularly on the south side (and some in the west side) of Chicago have  erupted with youth violence. With death tolls increasing year by year, more kids have died in Chicago than US troops in Afghanistan. Seemingly every year, more and more Chicago Public School students have passed from shootings during the course of a school year (and we won’t even get into how the numbers skyrocket as soon as summer hits).


Too long have news headlines brought me to tears (like the first time my friend showed me the video of Derrion Albert getting beat to death), just like Lupe Fiasco when he saw old footage of him in his neighborhood with now fallen friends, or our beloved humble superstar icon Derrick Rose at the unveiling of his new shoe.


This epidemic of killing has almost left myself and many like me with a deep sense of hopelessness. It’s very difficult to cope with, and many of us just want to get as far away from the violence as we can. The constant RIP Facebook statuses and daily local news reminders are heartbreaking. So now when I come back home, after I see my family and few friends, to be honest, I wanna get out of here as fast as I can. Being here can be so training on my spirit at its low points.

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Although a long post, Adams’ article is definitely worth the read. His is a voice that we don’t often hear in discussions about the state of Chicago, hip-hop, and black youth.


Do you feel the way Josh does about Chicago, about your own community?

How will your voice be heard?

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