West Chester University student Angelise Alba was celebrating her 20th birthday with her mother at Philly’s King of Prussia Mall when she discovered a wallet containing $1,000 in the parking lot.

Alba found the owner’s contact info and was able to get in touch her and return the wallet.

The owner – Ireland native Angela Mohan – was understandably relieved and stunned by the young lady’s good deed.

From NewsOne:

Everything was in the wallet,” Mohan said. “I gave her a big hug.” Then she took $100 from the wallet and insisted Wanda Alba give it to her daughter.

“There wasn’t a moment’s thought about keeping it,” Wanda Alba said. “Her [Angelise’s] concentration was, I need to find this lady and give her back her money.”

Mohan continued heaping praise on Alba for returning the money. She sent a letter to the President of West Chester University to say that “this kid is amazing.” And Alba will be in for another treat when she travels to Ireland this summer for a study abroad program.

Mohan’s sister will be meeting Alba, with Mohan saying that “we’re going to give her any help we can.”

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Kudos to Angelise for her honesty, and for going to such great lengths to ensure that the wallet was returned to its rightful owner.

The world needs more people like this young lady!


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